Pure Uncertainty Gives Life True Meaning

We can decide what to believe.

Clarifying Pure Uncertainty

The fact that we will never know the true meaning of life gives us the freedom to decide what our meaning is. Based on this same premise, this first sentence could be wrong.

There’s freedom in lacking certainty about everything, because you can find certainty in the things that you want.

This way of thinking is liberating, but can also be paralyzing.

So how do we decide?

I have a simple proposal.

Escaping Pre-established Certainty

Society is consistently trying to push certain meanings into our heads; get the right job, get the right career, there is a certain way of doing things. All of these beliefs are created out of thin air. Recognize this and start thinking if these beliefs add any value to your life.

Deciding on Meaningfulness out of Pure Uncertainty

What we can be somewhat sure about is that we have a choice on what we want to believe in: whether that is to believe anything or not. I have personally decided to give meaning to my life doing the things I enjoy with the people I love, which is a pretty simple and happy way to live it. You might decide differently 🙂.

Otherwise, what’s the point? There’s only one if you decide there is.

I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Founder @ Snowball Financial Education www.snowballfinances.com | Javascript Developer

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